Our team

Here at infinite travel puts customer service at the heart of our operation, and we put our Subscribers first in every aspect of our business. To achieve this, we have appointed Impact Services as our customer service provider and collection agent. With their multilingual staff and years of experience in the customer service industry, they man our customer service call centers and assist all our Subscribers with all their shopping, travel and leisure needs.

For the first period after subscribing to the program you will also have access to the Subscriber Coaches who are there to assist you get familiar with the program, show you where to search for the best deals and options from our service providers and ensure that you get the most out of the program.

To contact one of our agents simply call 1 888 959 0091 and one of our agents will be there to assist you.

Patrick Luka

At Impact Services we provide customer services to companies in the travel and leisure industry through our call centers in Asia, and we also develop web applications and sites for our own and our customers to use. 

We have found SquareSpace to be a great platform that allow us easy access to developing front ent applications that can easily be linked to our backend systems, taking the geek out of front-end site development.