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When you subscribe to the program, travel could not be easier.

Log in to our site, browse and decide where and when you would like to travel.

Enter your dates and criteria, then book your own condos online, or submit your booking request to the concierge team.

Allow the concierge team to find the best options for your particular trip, review the options they provide you with, and book the one you would like.

You can always rest assured that our concierge team will find the best rates available for you at the time of booking, no more jumping from site to site to find the best deal.   

Patrick Luka

At Impact Services we provide customer services to companies in the travel and leisure industry through our call centers in Asia, and we also develop web applications and sites for our own and our customers to use. 

We have found SquareSpace to be a great platform that allow us easy access to developing front ent applications that can easily be linked to our backend systems, taking the geek out of front-end site development.