Our team

Here at infinite travel puts customer service at the heart of our operation, and we put our Subscribers first in every aspect of our business. To achieve this, we have appointed Impact Services as our customer service provider and collection agent. With their multilingual staff and years of experience in the customer service industry, they man our customer service call centers and assist all our Subscribers with all their shopping, travel and leisure needs.

For the first period after subscribing to the program you will also have access to the Subscriber Coaches who are there to assist you get familiar with the program, show you where to search for the best deals and options from our service providers and ensure that you get the most out of the program.

To contact one of our agents simply call 1 888 959 0091 and one of our agents will be there to assist you.

the Program

Infinite travel is a unique Leisure and Lifestyle program that is built around our Subscribers’ travel and shopping needs.

We are experts in the vacation and hospitality industry and are dedicated to finding our Subscribers the best value for their vacation dollars. To complement our Subscribers travel needs, you have over 280,000+ properties around the world to choose from and even more exciting, through our shopping club we provide the opportunity to save on brand name products and services.

With the flexibility to choose from over 2,000 brand name suppliers, we are sure you will be able to find products and services to match your lifestyle.

All of our employees are passionate about our organization as well as providing you with exceptional service and we stand behind our promise to source and provide you with the best rate at the time of booking.

As a Subscriber you have the benefit to share the infinite travel leisure and lifestyle program with your family and friends.

We take pleasure in being your reliable and trusted source for all of your travel needs and look forward to working together in creating your families memories for many years to come.

Let us help you and your family go to "infinity and beyond!"

Personal subscriber coaches

If you just joined the program, look out for an email from the subscriber coach team. They are there to help you get your account activated, and to walk you through the initial steps in becoming a professional infinite travel user. 

You can reach them on our toll free number 1 888 959 0091, just hit 1 at the voice-prompt and you will be directed to the subscriber coach department. Please note that our coaches may be on a call training a new subscriber, but if you leave us a voicemail they will get back to you and set a time suitable for you for your coach session. 

Coach training can also be booked in the evenings and on weekends, just make an appointment with one of our coaches and they will arrange it for you.  

As a subscriber

When you subscribe to the program, travel could not be easier.

Log in to our site, browse and decide where and when you would like to travel.

Enter your dates and criteria, then book your own condos online, or submit your booking request to the concierge team.

Allow the concierge team to find the best options for your particular trip, review the options they provide you with, and book the one you would like.

You can always rest assured that our concierge team will find the best rates available for you at the time of booking, no more jumping from site to site to find the best deal.